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    Netizens rave over Sam Pinto’s bikini photos in her private resort in Baler

    The hotel and resort industry is considered to be one of the most in-demand businesses in the Philippines. It is then no wonder that rich people and celebrities are getting on this train. Among these celebrities who are now hotel entrepreneurs is actress Sam Pinto. On the latest Instagram photos of the actress-model, netizens could not help but be in awe […] More

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    LOOK: Valerie Concepcion got engaged!

    There are so many uncertainties in life – such as careers. Careers may come and go, so a celebrity’s life off camera is just as important as what that celebrity does on camera – sometimes, even more so. And sometimes, a celebrity arrives at the right place and at the right time and are blessed […] More

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    Maricar Reyes spills truth about her past to husband Richard Poon

    Maricar Reyes revealed the whole truth about her past to husband Richard Poon. In the actress’ recent vlog titled “Relationship Matters”, she shared all flaws and previous mistakes while they were still dating. When the two were still at the stage of knowing each other, Maricar made some mistakes in the past. The 37-year-old actress […] More

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    LOOK: Mccoy De Leon’s new on-screen partner after Elisse Joson

    In the Philippine showbiz industry, many actors and actresses get their big break if they are lucky enough to find someone whom they have good chemistry to form a love team with. If this certain love team manages to build a solid fan base, then they will definitely have multiple projects come along their way. […] More

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    Which is the best teleserye wedding?

    Weddings make us fall in love and blue. It may be because making vows to be with one another for the rest of their lives is such a romantic moment. Or maybe, we are all just hopeless romantics deep inside. Will these weddings reveal your hidden hopeless romantic persona or not? Here is a list […] More

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    Ramon Tulfo goes viral yet again after causing a scene in PGH

    PGH Experience

    My driver bumped a six-year-old girl playing in a congested street of Navotas while we were on a convoy on the way back to our office at Ortigas Center, Pasig, from a relief operation in the town. My staff and I rushed the child to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) emergency room.The ER doctor, Jay Guerrero, did not want to give the child first aid treatment, saying he didn't want it recorded on video.No amount of pleading from me to attend to the young patient would budge the good doctor.Here's the video of that incident inside the PGH-ER yesterday:

    Posted by Ramon Tulfo on Thursday, August 16, 2018

    Ramon Tulfo and his brothers are some of the most controversial figures in the country. They are known for their very masculine and “macho” image that they show everyone. To add to this, Ramon and his brothers have been involved in numerous confrontational instances in the past. At one point in time, they even called […] More

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    You Will Be Touched At This Scene Showing Gretchen Barretto With A Filipina in Australia!

    There’s no denying that Filipinos are really spread out around the globe. There are thousands and thousands of Overseas Filipino Workers working in various countries around the world. Be it popularly places such as United States and Hongkong to lesser known countries such as Mongolia or Jordan, you’ll surely find a smiling Filipino there. Filipinos […] More

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    Momoland Takes A Picture with Pacman and fans Love it!

    Filipinos are one of the most gracious fans in the world. Our support and love comes from the fact that we are a very embracing race. Just as we love to embrace new people into our lives and welcome them into our land, we also love to discover new talent and jump into the bandwagon […] More

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