Jessy Mendiola causes Comelec spokesperson to resign from his post

If you were to ask me to name one truth in this world, I’d say that men cannot help but be attracted to a woman’s physique. This reaction is completely natural but there are instances where it can get us in trouble. For example, a husband can be chastised by his wife if he looks at another woman. In the case of Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, it was Jessy Mendiola who became his undoing.

The public personality was invited to a speaking engagement at a famous university here in Manila. As James Jimenez was preparing his presentation, the audience got a peek at his personal laptop’s smoking hot wallpaper. It appears as though the spokesperson was enamored by Jessy Mendiola and chose a bikini picture of the actress as his main screensaver.

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We can only imagine the shocked reaction of the people who got to see the mishap. This is truly a student’s nightmare if ever they present at a panel discussion or their thesis defense. James Jimenez took full responsibility for what happened and effectively resigned from his post last October 15, 2018.

At a press briefing, Jimenez had this to say:

“There was a small technical issue involving flashing of a photo which was inappropriate for the event. I take responsibility and I apologize. I regret it. Because of that I resigned as a focal person for the local source code review. If I don’t acknowledge it, it will affect the integrity of the process. Ultimately, this is for the transparency and overall credibility of the institution I serve.”

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His immediate reaction to the humiliating mishap is commendable. Rarely do we see politicians and government officials own up to their mistakes and do the right thing. However, Jimenez’s honorable action is just a preview to Filipino people that there are still public servants that we can look up to and be proud of.

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