Piolo’s fans defended him against a netizen’s comment

Piolo Pascual is one of the most sought actors today. He is the epitome of a tall, dark, and handsome man that every girl probably wants. Not only does he have good looks but he is also a talented actor and singer.

In his almost two decades stay in the showbiz industry, he has done a lot of things in his career. He has portrayed different roles in television shows and starred in many movies.

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Throughout his career, his singing talent was also discovered which made a lot of women swoon over him even more. In his stay, he has won many film and television awards as well as music awards.

In his entire stay in showbiz, he has been in a few relationships in showbiz with Shaina Magdayao and KC Concepcion. However, a lot of people is still questioning whether Piolo is a straight man or not.

This issue never went away as a number of people keeps on pushing that Piolo is not straight despite lack of evidence. And some netizens even find opportunities just to prove their point.

In one Instagram post of Piolo where he was in the beach with someone he is close whom he call his “Bubi”, one netizen commented that it is Piolo’s boyfriend. Piolo’s post was intended to greet his “Bubi” a happy birthday.

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Along with his greeting, he also addressed the person he is with as his best friend and wants her to know that he will always be with her. He also wished that they’ll be able to travel more together.

Despite the bad comment and wrong assumption of a netizen, Piolo’s fans defended him. They corrected the netizen and told her that it is Piolo’s sibling that’s in the picture.

His fans supported him by expressing their love towards him. They also commented that Piolo is such a kind person and he shouldn’t mind people who keeps on pulling him down because there are a lot of people who will always support him.

Netizens also expressed their support for Piolo by saying that no matter what bad things people say towards him, they know the truth and they will always be there for him.

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Piolo is now also venturing in another field in the industry which is being a producer. He produced the hit movie “Kita kita” with stars Empoy and Alessandra.

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