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Kris Aquino Updates Her Followers About Her Medical Condition

There had been many reports about Kris Aquino’s new condition after she shared about her difficulties and heartbreaks over the past week through a series of posts on her Instagram account. She gently shared how her weight had decreased by 15 pounds due to stress that also triggered her autoimmune ailment that even prompted her son Bimby to offer his kidney to her in panic that she had something much more severe than her initial diagnosis, which was chronic spontaneous urticaria.

“It was heartbreaking to see my 11 year old crying inconsolable tears and pleading, “please don’t leave me mama.” Bimb even offered me his kidney” said the Queen of Media,

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Kris Aquino also shared that her flares began at around 2013 and she had initially just dismissed it as hives, which in theory is accurate. However they’ve steadily worsened to 2 episodes in one month and they usually last for 4 to 7 days. Her illness is affects only less than 1 percent of the population She educated several of her followers by also explaining that while some may ache through it for one to five years, hers she will have to battle for the rest of her existence.

“i believe everything happens as part of God’s plan for our lives. i have the platforms to raise awareness about this medical challenge. Thank you to all who messaged me w/ love & prayers… Good night. Yes, i’m starting to SMILE from my heart again” said Kris.

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Most recently, the television host and endorser shared a video clip of a song entitled Leaving Yesterday Behind which was a rendition by Filipina singer Karylle. The clip contained several beautiful quotes about staying strong and finding purpose. She wrote a lengthy but heartfelt message to his followers, sharing how Dr. Zamora wanted permission to consult with an endocrinologist & immunologist here in the Philippines together, alongside her doctor in Singapore for additional treatment.

At the same time, the doctor was researching for the benefit of Kris about other health related issues that can be connected to with illness. She then changed the tune of her message by ending it with these words:

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“I know it will take time- but i have to start trying NOW… i have the best possible legal teams from Fortun Narvasa and Divina Law- so i’m making the commitment to take care of what should really matter, improving my health and reassuring my sons. Heartache & regret are exhausting & it’s time for me to stop mourning what was, and start celebrating what is!”

Here is to the strong and powerful woman Kris Aquino is!

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