Vice Ganda Play Fights Behind The Scenes of It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime has been spreading smiles since 2009. The noontime variety show broadcasted on ABS-CBN on weekdays airs from 12:15 to 3:45pm and 11:30am to 3:30pm on Saturdays. Its current roster for hosts are as follows: Vice Ganda of course, comedian slash dancer Vhong Navarro, actress and endorser Anne Curtis, singer Karylle, streetboy’s Jhong Hilario. The roster also includes Ryan Bang, Teddy Corpuz, Jugs, Jugueta, and most recently Mariel Rodriguez and Amy Perez. All the hosts spend a lot of time with each other, which inescapably makes their relationships grow deeper. The whole ensemble considers itself a big family, including its many guest in their games and dance offs.

On screen, everybody feels cozy with everybody else. Jokes feel very organic and unforced. Hosts are comfortable enough to speak their mind in sarcastic tones, poking fun at each other without having to get offended. With almost 10 years with each other, one can say that they’re used to each other’s attitudes and standpoints, after all that time they’ve been spending it is undeniable that they know possible reactions to jokes as well.

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Joking is part of the job as It’s Showtime is known for its good vibes and positive energy. Sometimes, the good vibes become so good that they hit overtime by making so many jokes and milking too many possible good pranks and quips too. Mostly among the hosts, sometimes with the guests as well. We learned that behind the scenes is not much different from what we see during the variety television show. For example hosts Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro are still out and about play fighting and teasing each other, even though the studio hallways. Tiyang Amy seems to be the one filming as her voice echoes as she says “Anong nangyayari? Bagong kain nang matatamis! Ang taas ng energy!”

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You can see the behind the scene snaps here. It comes with several sneak peeks in the lives of the television stars from It’s Showtime! In another, Vhong offers Vice a what looks like lumpia or turon which Vice complains about being too hot. Shortly after, Vhong calls for water.

The ensemble has grown and gone through a lot together and we already see them a lot, but somehow seeing them in their down time still having fun is still such a delight for many of us!

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