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Meet Jason, the real-life Tarzan who lives in Hong Kong

We are all aware that Disney’s Tarzan was just a fictional character. However, one man seems like he could prove that Tarzan really exists. Meet Jason, who lives near the beach and the jungle in Hong Kong.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, this guy has a life many people can only dream of. He spends a lot of his time dancing, making music, climbing, swimming, growing his organic food, and his growing hair. For 24 years, he has not cut his hair, not even once.

“My hair is my source of energy and I will never-ever cut it. Here, he and his friend built a very unique house. It is made of plastic bottles, tree branches, and beach garbage. Not even a single tree has been cut to make this house. Here, it is all flowing and the best of all Jason can live his life.”

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Because Disney discovered his talent and hired him to do what he already does at their Disney shows. This is the perfect life that many people only dream of including Jason.

For most of his life, he had a rough time. He grew up in the Philippines when he was a kid. His mother was early laid rest in peace and for a while, he was homeless, living in the church, and metro stations. He was also trying to find a job that will keep him afloat.

“I had a tough childhood. I remember the first toys I made by myself with a wood. So, until I grew up, I didn’t experience anything like games.”

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But despite that, Jason survived his hardships and found his true happiness in this lifestyle.

“City is not for me. I tried all the best I can do but it doesn’t work for me.”

Tarzan is not just a fictional character. Tarzan is an adopted Filipino kid who loves his environment, who loves his hair and love his music. Jason is also the Tarzan who lives in Hong Kong and works for Disney.

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