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WATCH: An old woman claims that she won 704 Million Pesos jackpot

Many people always dream of winning the lottery. Imagining the things that they can buy from a large amount of money. Imagine how you can easily buy your dream house, dream car and you don’t have to work anymore. The funny thing is most of them don’t even take a bet. It is more likely to be struck by a lightning than to win the lottery. If you are going to calculate your chances of winning, there are 40,475,358 million combinations to bet on. Only one out of this possible combinations can make you win the lottery jackpot and the chance of winning it is 0.00000247 percent. The whole nation is waiting for the lucky winner of the Ultralotto 6/58. The previous Ultralotto approximate jackpot prize was 809.3 million pesos.

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The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or also known as PCSO is a principal government agency that raises funds for health programs and medical assistance and services. The PCSO has been established since 1934. It is the agency that is entitled to hold and conduct lottery and sweepstakes here in the Philippines. The games that they’ve been conducting have been evolving through the years making the games more interesting.

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Numerous Filipinos have been a part of their sweepstakes, lotteries and other activities. Some of them got lucky and became millionaires. While some of them are still betting hoping that someday they will finally hit the jackpot. The lottery is one of the main product of PCSO and it is a major hit to Filipinos. Lottery is one of their way to raise money for funds by selling numbered tickets and awarding the prizes to those who are holding the numbers drawn at random. There are three 6-pick number games that you can play in the lottery. There’s the Lotto 6/42, MegaLotto 6/45 and the SuperLotto 6/49. We can say that it is easy to play but you can’t easily win.

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In a recent episode of KMJS, an old woman named Carmen was featured claiming that she won the lottery. But when the PCSO checked her ticket, it was dated to September 25 when the lottery draw that she claimed she won was dated to September 23. She also said that the machine was the problem, printing the wrong date to her ticket. The PCSO didn’t acknowledge her as the winner and accused her of cheating. In the end, Lola Carmen said she will stop insisting that she won the lottery and reduce her habit of playing the lotto and just save the money for food.

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