WATCH: A touching moment of true love shown by an old man through his wife’s final breaths

Truly, we can say that love conquers it all. And when we talk about love, we often put ‘young love’ in the spotlight. Books, movies, television shows, and any other form of entertainment medium always portrays young love as something ideal, something to give you rush and excitement, something that everyone wants to find within their short lives.

Through these media forms, we often think about love in the perspective of youth and young adults. We think that the only form of love that is real is the one that can give you unbelievable rush and thrill, excitement beyond imagination. Anything outside of this is not considered worthy. We could not be more wrong about this.

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Have we ever thought about how pure and genuine love between old people is? Decades have gone by and problems tested their love, but these old couples managed to stay together. For better or for worse, as the wedding vow said.

We see so many viral posts about how adorable old couples are, especially when we see them do what we think only young couples can do. For instance, old couples spotted in a restaurant who laughs like children when they joke around, or when an old man does a sweet gesture for his old lady. These type of moments we catch at the corner of our eyes never fail to warm our hearts and wish for a love like that for us.

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But the sorrowful part of being an old couple is the inevitable moment where one of them reaches the end of their beautiful life. Picture this: an old couple lying beside each other in a hospital room, both clinging to each other as they wait for the end of their life. Sounds like a scene from sad and touching movies, right? Like it or not, this also happens in real life. But what seems to be a miserable moment becomes bearable because of a loved one who stayed beside you through it all.

In a touching video shared multiple times in Facebook, an old man lying on his hospital bed reaches out to an old woman, his wife, who seems to be at the final moments of her life. He caresses her hair as he muttered words of encouragement to the love of his life. His actions, though feeble and muted, seems to say “I’m here, do not be afraid. I’m here.”

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This video touched the hearts of so many viewers, for it showed them how pure and genuine old people’s love can be. Up until the end of her life, the man showed her wife how dedicated he is to her, and how he’ll stay with her until her last breath.

What do you think of this touching video?

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