Joh Lloyd Cruz enjoys life away from showbiz

One of the A-list stars in showbiz is the actor John Lloyd Cruz. No one can deny that he is truly one of the greatest actors of all time. He captured many hearts through his impressive acting skills and charming personality. Of course, we cannot forget his remarkable roles from series and films which totally received good feedback from people.

These are just some of the things he achieved in the golden period of his career. However, shocking news came to his avid supporters after he announced his indefinite leave from the world of showbiz. After his long stay on the spotlight, John Lloyd is now set tom live a simple life together with his family.

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As we all know, his partner Ellen Adarna is reportedly pregnant with their child. He is currently in preparation to be a father anytime soon. Definitely this made him more simple-minded and mature than ever.

We are used on seeing him in on his best suit every time. After all, it is required to always look good especially when every move he does is caught on camera. Now that he freed himself from the prying public, he could now do things any normal people do.

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One time, the actor even had a haircut worth 40 pesos. He also steps out of his house now even if he is only wearing ‘pambahay’ clothes. In addition, he also enjoys eating simple foods which we rarely see in top celebrities.

Aside from changing his lifestyle, netizens also took notice of his new appearance. Many are disappointed since he now looks far from the actor they last saw on television. Indeed, his situation created many changes other people considered as good but some considered it as bad.

Despite of the public’ reaction, John Lloyd Cruz continues on living his life the way he wants. He still hang out with friends just like before but he has other priorities now.

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