LOOK: Mccoy De Leon’s new on-screen partner after Elisse Joson

In the Philippine showbiz industry, many actors and actresses get their big break if they are lucky enough to find someone whom they have good chemistry to form a love team with. If this certain love team manages to build a solid fan base, then they will definitely have multiple projects come along their way.

For example, stars like Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla with their famous “KathNiel” love team gained a lot of fans over the past years; or Nadine Lustre and James Reid with their love team named “JaDine” which also boosted their popularity.

However, it is not easy to form a solid love team between actors. There are certain issues or personal matters that are taken into consideration. Mccoy De Leon is one of the lucky few to be paired with someone whom he had great chemistry with – Elisse Joson.

Mccoy and Elisse met when they were both participants of ABS-CBN’s reality TV Show, Pinoy Big Brother. Their love team was formed when the two showed great chemistry in the show and many fans were swooned with “kilig”.

However, a lot of netizens became worried of the two’s relationship because Mccoy is now paired with a different actress for a new show entitled “Honey My Love So Sweet”. In this show, they will be working alongside another famous love team – MayWard.

Previously, Elisse herself admitted that she and Mccoy were going through a rough patch. In one episode of Magandang Buhay, Elisse revealed that she realized she needed to make herself whole before giving love to another person.

“Ngayon po we are learning to communicate to each other more. Parang may mahirap na pinagdadaanan pero kahit matagal ‘yung proseso, ngayon pa lang po namin natutunan na maging mature sa mga bagay-bagay, na may mga priorities and along the way we will be okay. ‘Yung communication sobrang importante,” said Elisse .

Elisse further explained that they are able to learn more about each other through struggles and hardships are a part of the process when it comes to learning how to overcome everything.

However, it seems like the two are still going through some difficulties when Elisse posted her thoughts in a series of Instagram stories; in one story she wrote, “If I came off too needy, shame on me. But that night when I needed you the most, you walked away. Sabi mo suko ka na,”

Elisse posted this update amidst speculations that the rumored couple broke up and that their love team is now disbanded.

Recently, Mccoy posted a photo in his Instagram with actress Charlie Dizon and MayWard for their new show which led many to believe that McLisse is really over. However, the actor’s fans are still very supportive and commented that the two also have amazing chemistry.

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