Coleen Garcia is a total beach babe in Hawaii

Celebrities seem to just love beach getaways during the rare times they are free from their hectic schedule. The responsibilities their job entail are beyond stressful, but they make it bearable by taking luxurious trips with their friends and loved ones to the most amazing places around the world.

These trips are not complete without taking millions of pictures to remember them with. Celebrities make use of the Instagram as a platform to not only reserve the happy memories of their special moments, but to also communicate with fans and share what they currently are up to.

Beach photos are definitely fan-favorites. As the sun glares brightly, their favorite stars shine just as bright in their swimwear attires. Just like how Coleen Garcia surprised fans with a stunning photo of her beach body in Hawaii.

“Soaking up some sun while I still can!” Coleen writes. In the photo, the actress-host is posing beside the pool, flaunting her perfectly toned body in a classic black two-piece swimsuit. The photo was shot in the luxury hotel Prince Waikiki in Hawaii.

Through a series of photos, Coleen recalled her bachelorette party in the same place. Now, she’s enjoying the sun in Hawaii with her husband Billy Crawford. “It’s so great to be back in Hawaii, and in @princewaikiki! So many fond memories from my Bachelorette trip, and now with @billycrawford! #outwthecrawfords,” the host captions her picture.

The recently wedded couple is traveling all over the world. They posts updates on Instagram with the hashtag #outwthecrawfords to let their fans know where they are traveling.

A lot of her followers left comments on the swimsuit photo, complimenting Coleen’s toned bod. Most of the comments unanimously claimed that she should be everyone’s body goals.

With her perfect body and dedication to fitness, many are asking for tips to achieve the beautiful physique that she has. In a past interview, she revealed, “I try to work out every day whenever I can. Each day is a different workout. There are days when I do purely legs, there are days when I do purely abs, purely arms. But on the days that I don’t get to work out much, I try to squeeze everything in one day.”

She is known for having a strict fitness regime and consistent workout mindset. Even before she tied the knot with her It’s Showtime co-host, Coleen Garcia was a fitspiration (fitness inspiration) for many of her followers. Maybe someday, she could pursue a career as a fitness icon that would help people achieve their dream bodies.

Check out photos of Coleen Garcia in her Instagram, @coleen.

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