WATCH: Kris Aquino dazzles in the “green” carpet

When “Queen of Talk” Kris Aquino gave out hints about a new project she was working on in early 2017, she left a lot of people wondering as to what she could possibly have involved herself in. But everyone was pleasantly surprised when they finally found out that Aquino was part of the film adaptation of the New York Times’ Bestselling book “Crazy Rich Asians” by multi – awarded author Kevin Kwan.

There were a lot of hype over the movie as the months passed by with its star studded cast and unique story line; and this month, the movie finally made its worldwide premiere at the “legendary” TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

In preparation for this pivotal moment in her life, Aquino made sure that she was dressed to the nines when she walked down the “green” carpet representing the Philippines.

Aquino posted a video showing all the gowns she was considering to wear for the premiere. The video contained a series of photos of her in the dresses by designers Francis Libiran and Michael Leyva who are both proudly Filipino designers.

Aquino also credited the designer of her jewelry, hair, and makeup who are all by Filipino artists as well.

If you’ll ask me what my unforgettable moment inside the TCL Chinese Theater was- it was being approached by the @wbpictures group chairman Toby Emmerich because he wanted to introduce his favorite staff member from the Beverly Hills Hotel who is a Filipina American. He said that for 25 years she’d been taking such great care of him but had never asked for premiere night tickets except for tonight for @crazyrichasians because she wanted to meet me. It was just so heartwarming how many pictures Mr. Emmerich took of us because it just proved to me that anywhere in the world- our graciousness as a people is valued. I’m sure Bimb & i had the honor of being seated w/ his family because of how much affection a fellow Filipina had for me… @kevinkwanbooks made sure to check on me & as always he expressed so much gratitude for the support of Filipinos worldwide. P.S. Nabalitaan ko po na may konting sagutan na naganap between my brother & Sec Alan Cayetano- sa hindi sinasadyang choice- my clutch came from the Manila Fame & was given by @mayorlanicayetano. #lovelovelove THANK YOU to all the Filipinos who showed up w/ their flags, banners, and patiently waited since lunchtime to get prime spots. Yung effort na binigay nyo i know wasn’t just for me but because of Philippine pride. Uulitin ko po #kaysarapmagingpilipino. This was a chance to represent our country & i thank God for the once in a lifetime blessing. 🇵🇭💛💙❤️ (song credit: Love Moves in Mysterious Ways by @xtianbautista from my Universal Records album My Heart’s Journey)

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“We tried 5 gowns- by @francislibiran8 & @michaelleyva_… i’m definitely wearing 1 of these. My jewelry was created by @diagoldjewelry Makeup is by @rbchanco. Many thanks to now LA based @pinantonio for my hair. #kaysarapmagingpilipino #pinoypride


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