Did someone finally capture Gerald Anderson’s heart?

Gerald Anderson has surely established himself as one of the industry’s most successful talents. From his Pinoy Big Brother days, the actor has certainly shown us that he is indeed one of the best at what he does.

He took the Philippines by storm with on-screen partner Kim Chiu as Kimerald. During their time, they were probably the most iconic young love team that was formed. Through the years, they pleased fans with their numerous projects together. The two would eventually form a romantic relationship outside of work.

Unfortunately, they split up in the end. Since then, Gerald and Kim went their separate ways in their careers. The whole Kimerald phenomenon was now over. Kim Chiu obviously had success with her new pairings while Gerald somehow faded away from the mainstream scene.

Recently, fans have been making noise because of a certain photo that featured an actor and a woman. Apparently, this very pretty woman is an avid fan of the actor. Though there are no confirmations regarding this rumor, a lot of netizens could not help but ask around in the comments section.

Her name is Ciacia Mendoza. She is truly a beautiful woman who has a keen eye for fashion and photography as well. Her Instagram feed is actually aesthetically pleasing. According to some sources, this pretty young lady also has her fair share of fame.

She is apparently an influencer who has thousands of followers in her social media accounts. Ciacia is a blogger who focuses on the topics of lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. It is no surprise that she is a model as well.

Again, there are no confirmations about this so-called “relationship”. The two are just being linked because of a photo on Instagram. As the saying goes; “A picture says a thousand words”. and this particular photo is definitely making people say a lot about it so far.

I guess we can all agree though, that the two stars look good together. What do you think?

Source: showbizread

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