Netizens were shocked when this motorist called “Mia”!

A video of a man calling “Mia” to ride on his motorcycle went viral on social media for the all the right, cute, and arrf!-dorable reasons.

In the video posted by a certain Franz Marjoe, people on the corner were just minding their own business when a motorist suddenly calling out a certain “Mia” to ride his motorcycle. They were surprised to find out who Mia really is.

“Mia” is actually the owner’s cute dog. When the motorist said “Mia, sakay na,” the dog suddenly jumps on his back. The motorist also told his little rider to hold him on his back for a safer ride and Mia hold onto his shoulders before going away.

Netizens were so amazed at the video as it was shared in various dog-loving groups on Facebook. Netizen Rhem Donato even noted that “buti pa ang aso, ang galing galing.”

Netizen Grace Quilinguen said that Mia and the owner are known in their area in Paranaque. “Hahaha taga samin to, lagi ko nakkita sa waiting shed,” she said.

But of course, being cute is not an excuse to not follow safety road rules. Netizen Angela Pimentel Malabanan said “Sana next time may helmet na sila hehe so cutiieee.”

Some dog lovers also raised their concern on how Mia could maintain her safety while riding the motorcycle. “Indi b talaga mahulog si doggie nasa likuran?” asked netizen Elsie Chia Esquillo

In just three days, the video already got more than 5,600 reactions and 17,000 shares on Facebook.

Watch the video of Mia and her owner!

Meet Mia! The amazing dog(c) Franz Marjoe

Posted by PH Trends TODAY on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

It is rare for dogs in the Philippines to be well-trained that much. Most of them just only know how to sit, roll, or approach when there’s food for them. But in this case, it was proven that dogs could act and behave like humans too.

Training dogs could help improve the relationship between the dog and its owner. The process helps the two in having better communication.

So if you want to have a dog like Mia or just a stronger relationship with your cute critter, better start looking for manuals for training dogs.

What do you think of the video? Do you want your pet to be as obedient and trained as Mia? Do you think it’s safe that dogs should ride motorcycles? Tell us in the comments section below and let’s discuss!

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