This new beauty trend is creepy but effective in transforming a face!

Everyone is swarming up on social media and video-sharing sites like YouTube to learn some of the best makeup tips to transform such a dull face into a superstar-like one. Besides that it is more accessible than consulting make-up professionals, it is also cheaper for them as these beauty vloggers are offering alternative products to look beautiful while keeping your pockets full.

Every beauty vloggers also have their unique tips and styles that may serve as their trademark to the audience. For example, American beauty vlogger Jeffree Star is known for giving her “Jeffee Starr Approved” star beauty products that will make you feel like an A-lister.

Now enters Chinese beauty vlogger QI Huahua. At first, you would think that she is just one of those aspiring beauty vlogger internet superstars but she has been creating buzz among beauty aficionados as her face transforms to a new one with the help of some make-up and duct tape to pull up her chubby face. Yes, you heard that right — she uses duct tape on her face.

A video of Qi has went viral and even featured in The Mirror for her amazing yet creepy style of transforming your face using make-up tools. She shows her dedication by even including prosthetic nose.

So how does she do it? Qi first lightens her skin with a white cream then after that, she will apply her foundation.

She will then stamp her brows, which is a time-saving tool, according to Qi. After that is putting eye-shadow and false lashes, which is notably easy and fast for the beauty vlogger.

Of course, she contours her face but the next part is something new that women would be worrying on trying. She gets herself a duct tape and put it on her face and pulls the skin until it can be taped below her ear.

After that surprising make-up step, she completes her look by applying lipstick, putting on blushers, and adding prosthetic makeup to her nose.

The transformation is jaw-dropping especially if you look at the before and after photo. Qi could really fool someone with her make-up transformation.

The viral video got netizens buzzing about it. One netizen said that the video made her trust issues validated.

Another netizen said: How can she change her whole identity while I can’t even hide a tiny pimple?!. Meanwhile, another netizen said: I’ve watched this about six times and I still don’t understand it? How are they two different people but also the same person?!

Watch the video of Qi below and tell us what you think of her transformation!

Source: ladbible

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