Ronnie Alonte comforts Loisa Andalio with a chest massage

Looks like rumored real-life couple Ronnie Alonte and Loisa Andalio found their sparks again as seen in a video uploaded showing Ronnie giving a chest massage to the emotional Loisa. The two recently watched a basketball match wherein Brgy. Ginebra, the team they were rooting for, lost the game. Ronnie was trying to comfort Loisa through his sweet gesture and the latter seems to appreciate what the boy was doing for her as seen in her genuine smile. This sweet moment sent “kilig” feelings to their loyal fans.

Prior to this, a news about the couple’s alleged break-up made its way to the internet. Though the rumor was not confirmed by any of them, netizens were quick to speculate and managed to put the pieces together using the couple’s social media posts.

According to the rumors that spread, Loisa had an affair with another guy. This resulted to Ronnie’s cold treatment towards the woman despite the sweet messages that Loisa had posted as an act of reconciliation on her Instagram account. It was also said that Ronnie actually unfollowed Loisa in the said social media platform.

While fans and netizens speculate more about the rumor, the coupled remained mum about the issue.

But recently, fans rejoiced as the couple’s relationship seems to be going back on the right track.

Loisa Andalio posted a photo of Ronnie with the caption “love will never do, without you.”

Meanwhile, Ronnie posted a photo of him kissing Loisa on her cheek with the caption “Simula ngaun, hanggang future.”

It is safe to say that whatever happened to the both of them, the two decided to fix it between themselves privately. Fortunately, it had led to a good outcome as they are still together, proudly displaying their affection towards one another.

Loisa and Ronnie formerly worked together in the Kapamilya noontime show “It’s Showtime” as a member and performer of their respective groups. They also starred in “Wansapanataym Presents: Gelli in the Bottle,” which debuted their team-up.

Ronnie is still a resident performer in “It’s Showtime” as part of the boy group “Hashtags.”

While former PBB housemate Loisa Andalio is currently working on a Cinema One Originals independent horror film “Hospicio” directed by critically-acclaimed director, Dan Villegas. Aside from this, Loisa was announced as a part of the cast of “Fantastica,” an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2018.

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