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Vietnamese woman’s drastic transformation is revenge on bullies

They say that success is the best revenge and this woman from Vietnam proves it. The woman sought to avenge herself from her bullies by successfully achieving a brand-new appearance after going under the knife. It cost her a staggering $14,000, but her beautiful transformation was worth it.

Growing up, Kouk experienced being bullied by her peers because of her looks. She was often ridiculed by her classmates. How hard it must have been for the lady to go through such a phase. What’s worse, she didn’t have any friends to confide in during those hard times.

This adversity also ruined Kouk’s self-esteem. In college, she opted to isolate herself from the overcritical crowd. Even so, she continued to try and reach her dream — to undergo plastic surgery.

When she finally did it, Kouk, the ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan, finally feels confident. Her transformation also led her to meeting the love of her life, a man slated to inherit his family’s wealth.

Indeed, those who made Kouk feel unworthy must be feeling guilty and envious. With Kouk’s regal lifestyle now, who wouldn’t?

Source: elitenewsfeed

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