This Dentist In India Will Make You Not Want To Pull Out Your Rotten Tooth

India is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. It has one of the richest cultures and tradition. In addition, India is also a colorful country to be in. In fact, many people want to visit India because of the different norms present in the country. The people are also happy humans and it seemed that they treat everyday as a blessing as they are very religious people.

However, no matter how much color there is in everday life of India, these colors will not be able to cover up the fact that India is still one of the poorest countries in Asia. There are still so many things needed to improve in the different aspects of its society such as employment, infrastructure and even healthcare. Poverty still plague the country and it seemed its normal citizens cannot afford so many things.

It is unfortunate that some Indians cannot even afford a basic health need such as dentistry. In a Youtube video which now has thousands of views, a street-side dentist was seen touching and pulling out teeth of strangers who cannot afford a proper medical treatment.

The description of the video says, “The Dentist Of Jaipur” // a funny shortfilm by Falk Peplinski”. Although it has the word funny in the description box, many netizens did not find it humorous at all. First, they find it gross and second, some of them are disappointed with the poverty and life that many Indians have to overcome everyday.

According to Pyara Singh who is a Doc-Senior in the video, he decided to operate on strangers’ teeth who cannot afford to go to a decent dentist in town. He said that his only difference with real doctors is the fact that they have the tools, the chairs and the equipment. He even claimed that he is faster than them because he can fix a person’s teeth right on the spot.

What’s bothering is his tools and the hygiene itself. He is operating on the side of the street and he does not wear any gloves at all. All his equipment is surrounded by flies and different insects. His tools are rusted, and he just injects what may seem to be an anesthesia.

Watch the video below:


Source: youtube

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