Young man’s reasons for not having a girlfriend goes viral

Nowadays, people seem to be in a hurry to get into relationships as if it’s the latest trend everyone should follow. Of course, it’s inevitable to hear words of wisdom from love gurus and relationship experts on why we should take things slow. However, let’s hope that we can learn a thing or two about from this young man who prioritized his family over love.

It isn’t surprising that this young man’s admission of not having a girlfriend went viral. He was handsome so for sure, it wouldn’t be hard to find himself in a relationship. Facebook page News Viral was responsible for sharing the post which has circulated and inspired other youngsters like him.

On top of the young man’s list is his love for his parents. He wants to give back to his parents for all the hardships they did to make sure that they have everything they need. As for his next reason, the criticisms of people trying to drag him down served as the inspiration to his success.

Out of his ten reasons, six of them marveled about how he wants to be successful in life. Included in the list is his wish to buy a house and car for his family. Although already set on bigger plans in the future, his main focus is, of course, his studies right now.

But it was also revealed that he had past experiences with love and it taught him how hard it can be. He then started prioritizing career over love like a mature guy. Coming from the young man himself, being single really has its own perks. He can have his own time and make his own decisions. Now, if you are in a rush to be in a relationship, are you still going for a hasty love or will you take pieces of his advice

Source: newssentinel

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