This little girl captured the hearts of many netizens with her photo!

when we were young, we often hear the question of “Anong gusto mom aging paglaki mo? (What do you want to become when you grow up?)”. Many older people are seem to be entertained with our answers as we tell them that we want to become a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a police or a fireman.

In fact, this is a part of our educational curriculum when we were in our primary to elementary years. We are exposed to the different people in our society, also known as some of the professions we can dream of. Our teachers would introduce them to us as good and excellent people because actually, they really are.

And upon learning the duties and responsibilities of these people, we then shape our dreams around them, promising ourselves that someday, we would be of great help to our society just like our own teachers, the doctors who treat us, the firemen that save us and the police that protect us.

It seemed for a beautiful and gorgeous netizen named Airies Anne Lacson, her dream career is very clear to her that she is ready to do just everything to make sure that she will be able to catch this dream. Airies ganed the attraction and attention of many netizens as she posted her career-day photo which shows that she wanted to become a policewoman someday.

Not only the fact that she wanted to achieve a very difficult job, but netizens were amazed by her beauty and charm that some of them claimed they are ready to behave good just so not to disappoint her. Some netizens also salute her for being brave to choose one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

Airies’ photo already gained 47k reactions, 23k shares and 2.5k comments in just a matter of days after her photo was posted.

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