Facebook user warns others of hackers using your account to get money from other people

The internet makes everything easier to access nowadays. People now often use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram to communicate with other people. Furthermore, having a WI-Fi access at almost every place we go to make it convenient for us to log-in on our accounts.

However, the danger in using the internet is also everywhere. Today, there are people “hackers” who gain access to other people’s accounts through malicious means. Their intentions vary from destroying a person’s reputation to getting money from others.



Just this year, a Facebook user named Vanessa Joy Barrion warned people on Facebook about hackers. She shared her experience after her account was hacked by another person.

She wrote, “To all my friends here on FB, My account was hacked this afternoon while I was out and busy. I was not able to check my phone for 2 hours. I did not post anything today my whereabouts so I have no idea kung paano nalaman ng taong yan na busy ako. My friend called me kala ko wala lang but she messaged my husband, kaya nagwonder na ako bakit kaya. So I called her and she said nagpapatransfer daw ako ng pera sa kanya kausap ko daw sya sa FB messenger(I was holding my phone pero no notifications) but she was wondering bakit ako nag “po” which is very unusual. When I checked my messenger, napansin ko na di ko naman kausap ung mga friends ko kanina pero nasa upper part sila ng messenger ko”


“Be careful guys! Delete all important messages here on FB especially bank accounts and always change your password, if you think nahack kayo, change the email address right away! If one of your friend is asking you to transfer money to his/her savings account or any account kahit family nyo pa yan o super close friend, always call them first just what my friend did” Vanessa added.

With what happened to Vanessa, it does not hurt to be extra careful when it comes to using the internet. The saying “prevention is better than cure” also applies in keeping our internet presence safe and secured.

Source: newssentinel

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