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LOOK: Mother duck protects and cares for 76 ducklings

A mother’s love is incomparable. Their love is pure and unconditional. It’s warm, it’s safe, and it’s comforting. It is everything we expect it to be and everything we need it to be. Like us, animals also have their need for mothers to take care of them and help them survive. Much like the ducks featured in the viral photo circulating online.

Brent Cizek, a 32-year old photographer, was able to share his experience as he took photos of a mother duck with 76 ducklings. The 32-year old found these ducks at Lake Bemidji in Northern Minnesota, Brent’s home state.

Brent identified the ducks as mergansers, a breed of ducks commonly found in rivers and lakes around Europe. According to him, it is common for mergansers to dump their eggs in multiple nests with eggs from other mothers. Furthermore, he also said that a mother duck can only incubate up to 20 eggs which makes it impossible for the mother egg to have incubated all 76 ducks in the picture.

He added that it was possible that the mother duck had picked the ducklings up when they got separated from their mothers.

It is said that mother ducks can’t tell which ducklings theirs are. Lost young birds that are imprinted by their mothers follows another common merganser because it looks similar to their own.

“There are greater odds for survival if the brood is much larger.”

The photographer shared that during his first visit he counted 50 ducklings, but on his second trip to the lake 50 became 76. He was also able to take photos of 56 ducklings who were following the mother duck.

Brent then posted his photo on social media which instantly went viral. Netizens fell in love with the photos and the mother duck after her heroic act of taking care of all of the 76 ducklings.

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