Former PBB Housemate Manolo Pedrosa Now A Kapuso

There are only two media giants in the Philippines; ABS-CBN and GMA network. Both have been key players in the media industry and have dominated TV, radio, print and even social media. Their creations are already engraved in our culture and their programs became significant parts of our daily system.

Their talents are the ones that our little children are idolizing. They have been rivals ever since and it just happened that Filipinos have their own favorite. Because the media industry has not yet been saturated by other players, the two giants were able to switch talents from one another. Other celebrities remain loyal to their mother networks while others want to be explore more of the other side.

Former PBB housemate, Manolo Pedrosa, is one of the celebrities who would like to learn more from the other network as he decided to sign under GMA management. Manolo’s transfer was after being in hiatus for 2 years. He already did a couple of shows in ABS-CBN but decided to take some break. He shocked his fans when he returns as an official Kapuso.

In an interview, Manolo shared how he came up with the decision of transferring and leaving his mother network. He recalled that he called his manager and said he wanted to come back in showbiz. It was his manager who recommended his transfer.

“Kasi di ba nag-schooling muna ako, and then dun ko na-realize na how much I want to act, entertain ng mga tao. Tapos yun, tinawagan ko yung manager ko, sabi ko, ‘Sir Jun, I want to go back to showbiz.” He narrated.

“And then he is the one who recommended na to try GMA. And sabi ko, ‘Sige, why not?’ I like to try things, e. That’s how you get different opportunities.” Mnaolo added.

GMA executive even said that Manolo has the looks and the skills to be a project’s leading man. In fact, Manolo was reported to have auditioned in some of the upcoming shows of GMA.

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