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Football player caught off guard after accidentally thanking wife and girlfriend on live TV

More often than not, sporting events are usually covered by the media. Part of the coverage of the event, various media outlets interview the people on the event like the coaches or athletes of the said game. Theses mini interviews are done before, during, and after the game to get a play-by-play coverage and to have the players in check every now and then. Interviewers often ask questions about the game, the opposing team, and the expectations that they have in the game that they are about to play.

In football, the games last for almost an hour. After the game, the players are surely tired from running around the field and a much heavier feeling of tiredness if your team lost, but for the winning team’s players, it must be a good high feeling.

Recently, a football player made rounds on various social media platforms. South African football player, Mohammed Anas, who plays for Free State Stars, was interviewed after their game. Anas was interviewed because he was just hailed as the “man of the match” since he scored two goals in their draw game against Ajax Cape Town. Coming fresh off the game with him still high from happiness after his two goals, the interview started with him thanking the interviewer for the opportunity of having a televised interview, then he proceeded to thank his fans who supported them in their games. The next part of the interview was the one that caught the people off guard. Anas said, “My wife and girlfriend… I mean my wife, sorry to say.” Anas was quick to say that he loves his wife so much.

It was later cleared by Anas that he lovingly calls his daughter girlfriend and her family knows that. He denies any allegations of him being unfaithful to his wife. He said that his wife knows what kind of man he is and he loves his family very much.

An (honest) dishonest guy 😂😂

Posted by Hisham El-Gamal on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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