Empoy Marquez Gets Another Surprising Leading Lady in New Movie

The Filipino as an audience has been fed with superbly good looking couples as love teams. From younger pairings like Kathryn and Daniel, James and Nadine, Liza and Enrique to rather adult romantic tandems like Jodi and Ian, or even the very recent Sharon and Robin, we all expect our love teams to look equally beautiful. It’s as if we unconsciously expect movie couples to have almost unrealistic levels chemistry. But our whole idea of this was shookt when Sigrid Bernardo brought us the refreshing pairing of Empoy Marquez and Alessandra de Rossi in Kita Kita.

We all know Empoy to be one who isn’t as good looking as your typical leading man, but is downright funny, you’ll bust your guts laughing to his wit. Add to the equation the equally quick-witted Alex who has made a name for herself as one of the truest personalities on showbiz. It was a risky shot but worked for all of us.

Kita Kita introduced us to a different kind of pairing—a more relatable protagonist in the form of Empoy Marquez. Since then, his career has been climbing heights more than it did in the previous years. As a matter of fact, apart from his new movie with Zanjoe Marudo, Kusina Kings he is yet again busying himself with another movie.

The film is entitled The Barker (Don’t Know What to Do) in which he will be paired to another stunning leading lady. With the new film set to be another romantic-comedy, the producers knew well to pair Empoy to another actress who many might consider “out of his league.” It is rumored that his new leading lady would be the Filipina-Swiss actress Shy Carlos.

A few might have raised their eyebrows with this news saying that the young lady was too perfect for Empoy and that chemistry between them may be hard to establish. But we all trust Empoy to work his on-screen magic. We’ve seen it done in Kita Kita and with Marquez’ wit and sharp puns, everything is possible. After all, funny is the new sexy.

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