Man Found a Weird Empty Bottle While Fishing

According to some, human beings are the highest forms of creature. We walk in two legs, we talk, we think for ourselves, and we make our own decisions. Because of this, all human beings are given the task to take care of the environment and the other living things around us. We should take care of the waters, the lands, and the airs. We should be taking care of the plants and the animals.

However, there are some human beings that does not just live to do the task. It is as if they never learned about this task. These are the human beings who thinks that playing cruel games, to the environment and the other living things, is a fun thing to do. These are the human beings who uses explosives in fishing or takes down a whole forest with fire. These are human beings whose idea of fun is using a stick on their pets or on other stray animals.

These are human beings who thinks that gluing a bottle to a turtle is a good idea.

A netizen was fishing when he saw a floating bottle. He decided to get the bottle out of the water, so he left his rod, and swam towards the bottle to retrieve it. The bottle looked strange. When he pulled it out of the water, he saw that there was a turtle stuck underneath the bottle. The empty bottle was glued on the shell of the turtle. Both the bottle and the turtle were covered in moss, suggesting that they were glued for some time already.

Because of the bottle, the turtle couldn’t dive into the water to search for food. The turtle could only float and follow where the bottle went. The turtle might not have been to eat for some time already.

The netizen tried to pry these two apart. It took some time, but he did not stop until he did. After detaching the turtle from the bottle, he released the turtle so that it could move without restriction on water.

That day, that netizen didn’t catch any fish as planned, but he was able to save another living thing from someone’s cruel games.

He took photos of the turtle with the bottle and posted it online to leave a lesson. He hoped that it would make people think twice before playing cruel games on animals again.

Source: ourdailytrends

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