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This elderly OFW proves that age is just a number!

The story of the elderly OFW who works in a famous fast food restaurant in Hong Kong breaks the internet as she proves that age is not a limit.

The grandmother’s story was posted in the social media site Facebook by a user who was inspired by her story. A lot of Filipinos became curious and also inspired of her and expressed their admiration for her.

In our country, age seems a barrier in obtaining a decent job. A lot of companies and institutions often hire younger people and based on their educational attainment. Hiring managers and recruiters in our country often have this notion that the older a person is, the weaker and more incompetent he is. Thus, this results to discrimination at work and unemployment for most elder people.

But this OFW grandmother breaks this stereotype as she proves that age is just a number. She is currently working as a waitress in a popular fast food restaurant. As told by the Facebook user, the grandmother shared that she chose to work abroad because her countrymen do not trust her. She added that they saw her as a weak, frail, and lazy elderly who will just be useless at work.

The netizen who posted her story even captioned it with, “ganito sa HONG KON hangat kaya mo ng magtrabaho puede ka pa. Hinde important ang tinapos mo basta may skills at masipag ka at maintindihan mo trabahao mo. Dito sa Pilipinas hangan ilang months ka lang puede sa mga company kaya?” She preached about how most of the top companies in our country practice contractualization whilst in other countries, our fellow Filipinos are treasured and given a decent job. It is really high time that the companies in our country end the practice of contractualization and give our countrymen a stable and permanent job.

We hope this story inspired you, too!

Source: readersportaltoday

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