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This Lesbian Hits Her Partner Who Is Holding a Baby In Her Hands. Watch This!

In all the countries in the world, the Philippines is ranked at the top of the countries with most respect to women. They have equal laws, they hold positions of power, and can roam around the streets safe from abuse and harassment. At least that’s what the law states.

The sad part is that the Filipinos, as a race sometimes forgets to put this into their heads. There are still plenty of cases of women and children abuse, harassment, violence and uncalled for remarks.

While we boast that we are a great nation, many of our Filipino women still doesn’t feel safe to be walking at night because someone might do something illegal to them.

Add to that, the domestication abuse, that many experience. An example is this video posted on Facebook. The video shows a woman, carrying a baby inside of a bus with her lesbian partner.

The person who took the video, is obviously, trying to stop the verbal fight between the woman and the lesbian. Other passengers are telling them to stop as well.

All of a sudden, the lesbian began hitting the woman in the face. The woman can’t defend herself because she is holding her baby who is now crying. The lesbian won’t stop and just keeps on hitting the woman’s face and even the baby got hurt.

More passengers tried to intervene to stop the fight. Even the bus conductor, approached the two and told them to stop, since they can be seen in the CCTV and that can be a reason to prosecute the lesbian.

Apparently, one of the passengers, was a policeman so he asked the bus to stop, and accompanied the two to a police station to file an incident reports.

The issue here is not the sexuality of the lesbian, but rather her aggression and lost of self-control.

Just when we thought, decency is an innate quality. There are still people, like this lesbian who will prove you otherwise.

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Posted by Kristoffer De Castro on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Source: facebook

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