Sunshine Cruz on maintaining youthful glow and raising teenage daughters alone

Being a single parent is a taxing duty. It’s as if it’s a swift ride to aging because singlehandedly raising your kids can get rid of your hale and hearty self. However, Sunshine Cruz’s case is different. Who would’ve thought that she manages to maintain her youthfulness while being a doting mom to her three teenage daughters? We’re truly perplexed.

Fortunately, in a previous interview, Sunshine revealed her ways in keeping her glow. You might want to take note that the veteran actress regularly hits the gym and pampers herself though facial and hair treatments. With her constant self-care, it’s finally making sense why she can pass as sisters to her darlings Isabelle, Samantha, and Francheska.

It’s safe to say that Sunshine also takes it easy as a single parent. She shared in the interview that she’s a fusion of a strict and spoiler mom. She also believes that her way of upbringing can make her kids grow as benevolent persons.

“They’ll grow up to be good people because I always talk to them. Parang barkada, we’re like barkadas, and I think it’s working naman.”

Meanwhile, it’s quite a shocker to learn that Sunshine has no penchant for signature brands unlike plenty of celebrities we know. Purchasing luxurious garments and bags is excluded from her list of pampering means. She explained:

I only shop once in a while. Pambili ko na lang ng needs para sa kids. I used to have Hermes Birkin and Kelly, but I don’t think it’s practical para sa isang single mom like me kaya I’ve disposed of them.”

Sources: ourdailytrends

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