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Homeless man’s writings become his way to reunite with his brother

For the homeless man Raimundo Arrudo Sobrinho, who resided on the streets of Brazil for 35 years, he must have never thought that his words would be his catalyst to escape the pitiful life that he had. He probably pondered who would even take a homeless beggar seriously. It was over three decades and he was still there, forsaken in the lonely boulevard. Despite this, Raimundo kept that little hope deep within that someone would take notice of his writings—and in 2011, his biggest dream turned into reality.

The 77-year-old Raimundo began being homeless in the late 70s during the military dictatorship regime. After over thirty years of living on the streets while clothed in rubbish, he met Shalla Monteiro and gave her one of his poems. The stranger was truly impressed, and it prompted her to create a Facebook page for the homeless man. Little did Raimundo know that it would change his life for the better.

Raimundo’s page became a hit on cyberspace. Numerous online users offered to send him gifts, heartwarming messages, as well as primary necessities. But it wasn’t the staggering 100,000 followers that made Raimundo’s story a happy ending. It was when his page led to his long-lost brother’s discovery, resulting in their much-deserved reunion after all those years of wandering on the streets.

Now, Raimundo lives with his sibling and, finally, he has a comfortable place to sleep in. Moreover, according to Newsner, he remained friends with Shalla whom he would forever be thankful for.

Watch the video below to know more of his story:

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Source: newsner.

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