Fishball vendor sends all four daughters to college.

We all know that education will never be cheap especially in the Philippines. Parents work extra hard in order to send their children to school. They will do anything so their children could get the much coveted college diploma. While some families get overcome poverty, others rise to the occasion. Such is the case of this fishball vendor, who successfully sent all four of her daughters to college and graduate.

Recently, Girlie Versoza, the youngest of the four Versoza siblings graduated from college. She shared her achievement on Facebook where she narrated how her parents’ small business helped her get through her education.

She said that in the past, people bullied for being the daughter of a fishball vendor. Instead of feeling embarrassed about her parent’s livelihood, Girlie took it as a challenge to prove that she can do better. Sure enough, she graduated from high school with flying colors.

Girlie also shared how her parents taught her not to be ashamed of what she is. This helped her brush off the negative comments other people said when she was younger. “Kahit anong sabihin nila proud ako sa mama at papa ko kasi marangal silang magtrabaho,” she wrote.

The new grad’s post became viral on social media. Many people lauded her parents for working an honest paying job even if it was a little bit difficult. “Dahil sa fishball natapos akong mag-aral… at yun ay hindi nilalagyan ng LANG”

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