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A woman tries to jump into the river in this viral video

We always give so much importance to our privacies especially nowadays wherein technology is fast growing that it can do almost anything. It can even easily invade your privacy. People can easily access your personal life if you do not know how to secure it properly. In addition, being in a romantic relationship also questions the limit of privacy that you are supposed to have. Is it really alright to be very open with each other or not? What happens to your privacy when you are in a relationship?

Those are the questions that arise when the video of a guy and a girl on a narrow bridge went viral.

In the said video that was posted by the Facebook page Shanghaiist, the woman was standing on a narrow bridge while continuously screaming at her husband to let her open his phone. There seem to be something that was bothering the woman regarding what was inside her husband’s phone. However, the husband kept on refusing to allow his wife to access his phone.

Meanwhile, another woman came to persuade the wife to get off the bridge and stay away from the river. The wife did not listen to the other woman and just remained standing on the edge of the bridge.

On the other hand, that seemed to distract the wife’s attention that she failed to notice her husband coming up beside her. The husband immediately grabbed his wife off the bridge when he saw the opportunity to do so. Two other men assisted and helped the husband bring his wife out of that narrow bridge.

Fortunately, nothing bad had happened in this incident. They were able to put the wife off of that bridge and everyone else involved were also safe.

Will you allow your partner to sneak into your phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

A shocking video has gone viral on Chinese social media showing a woman demanding to check her husband's cell phone or else throw herself into the river below. However, the husband refuses to hand his phone over…

Posted by Shanghaiist on Saturday, May 6, 2017

Source: trendszilla

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