MayWard fans get “KILIG” in no more than 240 words!

A common element in the formula of success when it comes to becoming well known-actors or actresses in the Philippines is the presence of an on-screen romantic partner or what we refer to as “ka-love team”. Having someone paired with you in ShowBiz is almost all the time enough to have your name buzzing around. This has been tested by time with pairings like the ones of Luis Gonzales and Gloria Romero, Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta and of course the up and coming MayWard. Fans would always anticipate the latest updates about their tandems and get more attracted because of a factor that Filipino film makers have mastered using: “kilig” (FUN FACT: the word has no direct English/Western translation).

Supporters through the years always craved for “kilig” and being updated with their idols satisfied these cravings. Nowadays fans have taken matters in their own hands to satisfy themselves in the form of writing different kinds of fan fiction. It is a long process with the flow of numerous ideas needed to be organized for the perfect story.

If you’re not a fan of that though, along with the evolving times wherein everything seems faster now, these types of “pampa-kiligs” can be done in the form of tweeting, as fans started innovating to these types of platforms. has started a thing called “Love Capsules” which are basically compilations of these things. Check out these compiled samples from MayWard fans!

Source: starcinemagulfnews

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