Maja Salvador turns up the heat in Hawaii with her bikini photo on Instagram

“Sizzling, fiery, and hot.” These are the words we would usually use to describe Maja Salvador. Most of us might have been fans of this woman because of how beautiful she is but ever since “Wildflower,” there was no denying that she had amazing talent. There’s no doubt that Filipinos in Hawaii had such a great time seeing the actress live.

However, if there is one thing about the whole “A.S.A.P” Hawaii trip we can call our favorite. It would be Maja Salvador’s hot bikini picture.

The Kapamilya actress posted the viral photo on Instagram where it immediately garnered thousands of likes! Netizens were amazed by the tight physique that Maja was sporting. We can only imagine the healthy lifestyle this woman adopts to be able to look this good!

Maja wore a blue, checkered bikini that accentuated her wonderful assets. No one can look away from her pert bosom and the unbelievably toned abs she flaunted!

Here were some of the netizens’ comments to her Instagram post:

“So gifted in many aspects,topped with your passion and good attitude. These attributes make you stand out to be the BEST”

“Ang ganda nyo po talaga Miss Maja!”

ano ba nmang buhay to ohh ginugutom ko n nga sarili ko pra pumayat pero prang wala padin! [emoji] tapos ganito pa makikita ko maj nman”

Source: filipinovines

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