Here is why Danica Sott-Pingris Doesn’t Buy Branded Items

Being in the limelight ever since she was a child seems to not make Danica Sotto-Pingris vainglorious of her achievements. Instead, it only made her more humble, modest, and down-to-earth. Having been born as the eldest daughter of Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie, Danica grew up from a rich and famous family with a lavish lifestyle. She also even became an actress herself. Despite those, she did not let the fame and money to get into her head.

Even after being married to the basketball superstar, Marc Pingris, she stayed unfazed of the wealth that she has. It seems like Danica prioritizes comfort over style when it comes to her fashion. Unlike some famous personalities in the show business, she mentioned that she does not usually buy expensive clothes and branded shoes and bags. She is contented with buying affordable but comfortable clothes and items as it is more practical that way.

Consequently, Danica also feels more comfortable wearing the comm

on t-shirts and shorts from the usual brands seen in malls than expensive clothes and items from designer brands. She is not picky with the brands of what she wears as long as it exactly fits her comfortably.

In an interview with Danica during the opening of the restaurant-bar her husband, Marc Pingris, is a co-owner of, she shared that she has never bought an expensive bag for herself. The bags that she owns are purely gifts from her husband and her family. Even the most expensive bag that she owns is the Celine bag given by her father, Vic Sotto. Danica said that she does not own a collection of bags and shoes.

Danica Sotto-Pingris does not consider herself as chintzy or miserly. She just thinks of herself as a practical person who knows what her priorities are. Oftentimes, she calculates the costs and weighs the pros and cons of the items that she will buy. Of course, she does not just choose and buy the cheapest items in the malls, but she also considers the quality of the products that she buys. She ensures that she buys the products with the greatest quality but for the lowest price possible.

Isn’t she a really wise consumer?

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