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Cute baby confused himself in the mirror

Have you ever wondered at what age you have discovered that what you are seeing in front of the mirror is yourself?

On social media sites, we often see videos of animals like cats and dogs making a fun of themselves hissing and howling at their own reflections.

These lovable creatures are unaware of what they are doing. And yet today, a different version of this has become viral on the internet.

The video shows a cute little kid wandering inside the mall and stopping at this large mirror where he kept looking at himself.

He was caught in a funny and adorable manner in his search for the person he was seeing in the mirror.

This clueless baby made these random movements, watching if his mirror image would do the same.

He even looked at the other side of the mirror to see if the kid he was witnessing was there.

The video was taken by the child’s father who couldn’t control himself from giggling while looking at his son being hilarious.

He posted the video on his Facebook account with the sweet and witty caption “Son discovers the world, episode 122”

It makes you think what happens when this kid grew up and watched his own video being oblivious.

By that time, he already knows what is the used of mirrors, maybe then he won’t stop looking at it like what most of the adults do on malls when they are shopping.

It kind of gives you the feeling of missing the age when you don’t care what you look like.

Sometimes it’s really fun to imagine yourself not being conscious about things, unlike now when you can’t stop and look at your own self everywhere there’s a mirror.

Source: trendszilla

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