Direk Joel Lamangan dishes on his fellatio scene with Kevin Sagra for “School Service.”

In the upcoming film “School Service,” Joel Lamangan takes off his director’s coat to become part of the star-studded cast. We’ve been informed that the award-winning filmmaker would play the role of a powerful man running an illegal substance ring. Other famous people included in the cast is Ai-Ai delas Alas, Kristoffer Martin, and Therese Malvar.

However, it was a certain confession from Joel Lamangan that truly caught our attention. In an interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), he shared that there would be steamy scenes between him and actor Kevin Sagra.

The “StarStruck” finalist plays the role of a bus driver whose vehicle is used by the syndicate to transport illegal substance. Kevin is also the boyfriend of Direk Joel’s character and they would have one love scene that will contain a “simulation” of fellatio.

“Ito ang driver. Nandun ang camera sa labas ng bus. Nasa service kami. Nakaganyan ako tapos lumalabas ang ulo. Ulo ko lang ang lumalabas na ganun.”

Asked about the experience, Joel commended the young actor because he was so easy to work with. He said that Kevin was either a nice man or just very afraid of him. It also doesn’t bother him to have scenes like this with a younger man.

“Alangan namang kumuha ako ng kasing edad ko? Ang ka love team ko, sisenta anyos na? Parang hindi ako papayag. Parang hindi totoo ‘yan. Hindi realistic.”

Source: pep

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