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Sleepy girl details how she was taken advantage of in a bus

When a woman is taken advantage of while on commute, these harassment cases remained unreported because of the fear within the victims. These women are afraid because of the trauma the experienced. Not only that but they fear being blamed and judged for the attack; often they unjustly are. A lot of these cases have been posted on social media where the victims feel safer telling their experience behind the screen of their computers.

Take this story of a woman who was abused while on commute in a bus. She even took video of the suspect she caught sitting beside her on the bus. The man was touching her private areas. Naturally, she posted her side online to bring this issue to light.

She admitted in her tweets that she was feeling really sleepy that time. She started feeling uncomfortable when the man asked to sit next to her even if there were a lot of vacant seats. So, she kept herself awake looking out for his movements.

The man even asked her four times to lean on his shoulders, but of course she refused this strange suggestion. The netizen tried to keep calm despite being scared.

But even though she was wide-awake, this didn’t put a stop to the man’s intentions. After refusing his request, he then put his arms over her shoulder. When the woman removed his arm, he leaned in and kissed her shoulder.

At that moment, she didn’t know what to do and already panicking inside her head.

She got her phone ready and secretly took a video of the suspect’s next move. The boy came closer and closer to her until she felt him touching her breast.

At that moment, she screamed – calling the attention of the bus conductor and the passengers who helped her chase the maniac from attempting to run away.

They brought the man to a police station, but he insistent that he didn’t know what wrong he did and that he was just sleeping.

Soon enough, the family of the wrong-doer came to defended him. They blamed the victim for causing trouble. They even called someone they know from the municipality who talked to her about not putting a case against the man.

But this brave girl already made up her mind and fought for justice. She made the boy apologize to her and he did, but still denying the fact that he did it so now he stays in jail and will need to show to the court hearing.

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