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“Salot” friend blocks this netizen after failing to borrow money

When we hear the word “salot” or the phrase “salot sa lipunan,” the first thing that comes to mind would be criminals. But lately, it seems like many are starting to reference this title to a “friend” who attempts to borrow money from you but will call you selfish if you decline. This was what a netizen encountered when a certain person, who addressed her as “mars” (endearment for a close female friend), sent her a private message and did not hesitate to abruptly air her monetary request. To the friend’s dismay, the netizen said no.

Her pal (let’s call her “Mars”) asked for a whooping PHP 10,000 as if it was just something too easy to get a hold of. Shortly after asking the netizen how she’d been, she proceeded to tell her:

“Pwede bang pautang? 10k lang need ko lang mabayaran yung order ko sa online na binili ko. Babayaran ko sa katapusan pag sweldo ng asawa ko.”

Understandably, the woman who posted the screenshots of their conversation was evidently shocked upon reading Mars’ message, but the latter was insistent. Due to this, she had no choice but to decline her request and explained the reason why.

“Sorry. Wrong timing ka. May pinag-iipunan din kasi ako now. Pasensya ka na.”

Mars’ last message gave off an irritated tone given that her plea was denied. She told the netizen that she was only borrowing a small amount but could not lend it. But when the netizen was about to respond to Mars, she was already blocked.

See how other netizens reacted to this story:

What can you say about this netizen’s story? Have you also encountered someone like “Mars”? What would you do in this kind of situation? Share your comments and reactions below!

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