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In sickness & in health: Chinese couple proves that love conquers all

Fans usually fantasize on being in a relationship with their idols. The possibility of mutually falling in love with the very person you watch on your screen is quite unimaginable. Indeed, such situation only happens rarely. However, this Chinese couple proved that even though it’s highly improbable, it’s still a possibility.

Fu Chengjun never thought that the very person she’s been avidly watching on a Chinese livestream platform would the person she’s going to marry. Hao is an online celebrity from Jize County’s Huanggou Village in Handan, North China.

Hao worked in a construction site. In 2014, an unfortunate accident left him with muscular atropy in his legs that hindered him from walking. At that time, he felt hopeless as he couldn’t do anything but stay in bed for long periods of time.

If thing weren’t bad enough as it is, his girlfriend left him and their child. Since then, Hao never heard anything from her. Determined to provide for his child despite his conditioned, he found himself a new career in an online livestream platform.

He documented his life through a livestream platform were dozens of fans watch him go through his everyday life. One of them was his future wife, Fu Chengjun. “After following him online for some time, I found him to be a strong and optimistic person. We gradually fell in love with him,” Fu shared.

When they realized that they’re meant for each other, Hao and Fu decided to elope, breaking the Chinese tradition wherein grooms are required to give espousal gifts to the bride’s family. They now live together happily with their two children, both from previous relationships.

Currently, Hao and Fu make their living through the very same platform that made them cross paths. They document their daily life including Hao’s therapy. On some occasions, Hao also sings to his fans.

The story of Hao and Fu proves that love can beat all odds. Regardless of physical condition, past, and challenges, love can conquer all.

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