Did Paolo Ballesteros and Sebastian Castro call it quits?

Speculations about Paolo Ballesteros and Sebastian Castro’s breakup sparked online when the latter shared a series of screen captured text messages on his Instagram stories yesterday, June 23.

On his first post, the actor-model shared a screengrab of a text message from a sender whom he referred as “Root Word”. The message seemed to carry a somber tone that reads:

“Hey goodmorning. Ive been thinking for the past few days about us. Im sorry i have to break your heart again. I’m really sorry. I don’t want you to finish ur song for me and i cant be that person. Its too much for me i guess. i dont know what else to say, but im really sorry.”

Interestingly, an initial of “PB” can be seen on the sender’s icon.

Consequently, on another Instagram story, Sebastian revealed that he has had a “three-month relationship” with someone whom he refused to name. On the screengrab of his phone’s note, he wrote:

“I have no intention of confirming or denying rumors about who I was dating. For my own peace of mind, I’ll just acknowledge it’s over. Call it practicality, but it’s simply easier to say so once publicly than over and over again when asked. I had a brief 3-month relationship. It didn’t work out. Thanks for the memories all the same.”

In case you missed it, Paolo and Sebastian’s alleged romantic relationship started when the two of them were spotted at Rosario, La Union on April 24, 2018. Some onlookers managed to take candid snaps of them while having a dinner in a restaurant.

Three days after, Sebastian shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers on Instagram with a card that says:”Happy 2nd my rootword. I love you.”

As of now, Paolo and Sebastian have yet to publicly confirm their alleged relationship and separation.


Source: pilipinofeed

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