Woman gets revenge on cheating boyfriend by posting a video of herself in bed with another man

Cheating is one of the most painful of betrayals. Being cheated on is not something I would wish even on my worst enemy. The pain of knowing that your partner has been unfaithful to you can be too much to bear, and no one deserves to be feel that. Sometimes, that pain can cause people to do things they normally wouldn’t do, like this woman who had just learned of her boyfriend’s infidelity.

Photo Credit: metro
Photo Credit: metro

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or, in this case, like a woman cheated on.

In a video that initially made rounds online in April of 2015, an unidentified woman can be seen naked in bed with a man. The 13-second clip showed her and the man both looking at the camera, seemingly right after doing the deed.

Photo Credit: metro
Photo Credit: metro

It turned out the woman wanted to send a message to her cheating boyfriend and get her revenge.

She said:

“[name of boyfriend] thinks it’s funny to cheat. Well, uhm. Joke’s on YOU mate! ‘Cause I cheated on you too!”

The man in bed with her also taunted her cheating boyfriend and said:

“I took your b*tch!”

Photo Credit: metro
Photo Credit: metro

That’s right. She was cheating on her partner too. The woman and her lover then both laughed and shared a kiss in front of the camera.

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What can you say about this woman’s idea for revenge? Do you think the pain of being cheated on justifies what she did? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

Source: Irishmirror

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