Pope Francis Answers A Boy Who Asked If His Atheist Father Went To Heaven

Pope Francis, also dubbed as the People’s Pontiff, went to visit the St. Paul of the Cross Parish in Rome in April of 2018. As he answered questions from the kids in the neighborhood, the Pope did not expect what a boy named Emanuele would ask him.

Initially shy, the boy could not speak his question into the microphone in front of all the people gathered around the Pope. The good pope then asked Emanuele to approach him so they can talk without the mic, which the latter did.

When the boy finally mustered the courage to walk up to Pope Francis, he whispered his question in the pontiff’s ear. The pope gave him an answer, and Emanuele went back to his seat in tears.

“If only we could all cry like Emanuele when we have an ache in our hearts like he has,” his Holiness told the crowd.

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He then asked the boy if he could share his question to the crowd, to which the latter agreed.

Pope Francis shared to everyone that Emanuele was crying because his father, who was an atheist, recently died. The boy was so worried as to whether or not his dad went to heaven despite being a non-believer that he could not hold back his tears.

The Pope told him that because his father was a good man, and because he had his children baptized despite being a non-believer, then God definitely welcomed him into heaven. His Holiness added that God’s love is so great that He would not leave a good person behind just because he does not believe in Him.

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