Check Out This Young boy’s Transformation Into A Beautiful Lady

A beautiful netizen named Arar Marie Quiambao has gained a lot of attention on Facebook, and we can see why. With her looks, this stunning young lady could definitely pass for a celebrity or a model. What impressed netizens, however, was her unbelievable transformation. It turns out that Arar was once a boy, and she is now a proud transgender.

The American Psychological Association defines transgender as a person whose “gender identity, gender expression, or behavior, does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth.” This means that to be labeled as a transgender, one does not necessarily have to have gone under the knife for a physical s*x change.

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In a now-viral post, Arar shared her “Batang Lalaki Road to Babaihan”. She uploaded photos of herself from her past when she was still a handsome boy, alongside her present photos as a gorgeous young woman. The difference is definitely worlds apart!

Without seeing her “before” photos, no one will be able to tell that Arar was actually once from the opposite gender.

Keep slaying, girl!

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What can you say about this netizen’s transformation from a young boy into a beautiful lady? Don’t you think she looks amazing? Share with us your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Source: viral4real

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