Woman Gave Birth Seven Months After Being Diagnosed With Miscarriage

When they found out that they were expecting a baby, couple Meredith and Brandon was completely excited to hear the news. However, little did the couple know that their happiness was going to be short-lived. The soon-to-be-parents immediately became dejected after a doctor’s appointment revealed that she suffered from a sudden miscarriage.

At that time, Meredith was already six weeks pregnant and the parents couldn’t believe the heartbreaking news. Although they took such a huge blow, both Brandon and Meredith soon moved on from the tragic miscarriage.

However, it seems like destiny has another plan for the couple. Just when they were already moving on from the trauma, the couple would experience something quite rare.

Seven months later, while Meredith was relaxing in their home, she felt painful contractions in her tummy. She brushed it off as a simple tummy ache, but soon enough the pain grew worse. The contractions were so painful that she can no longer endure them.

Brandon came to her aid, however, he was taken aback when he saw Meredith lying on the bedroom floor. Much to their surprise, Meredith delivered a tiny baby girl right inside their bedroom! It turned out that the pain she was experiencing was labor cramps.

The miniscule baby girl was still inside her amniotic sac when it popped out. How could this have happened? As far as the couple knew, Meredith was no longer pregnant when the doctors diagnosed her with a miscarriage seven months prior.

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Sensing the urgency of the situation, they immediately called the emergency services. Will their baby girl make it? As much as we want to dig deeper on this bizarre matter, there were no longer updates about the couple as of today. To see this unbelievable incident unravel, check out the video below.

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