Netizen Shares How Someone Hacked Her Facebook Account To Ask Money From Her Friends

A netizen took to Facebook to share how someone hacked her social media account to ask money from her friends.

Vanessa Joy Barrion said she went out one afternoon and was so busy that she did not have the chance to check her Facebook for two hours. She got a call from a friend, but she merely brushed it off thinking it was nothing. Because she didn’t answer the call, that same friend got in contact with her husband in an attempt to reach her.

Finally, Vanessa called her friend back to ask her what was up. Apparently, someone used the netizen’s Facebook account to message her friend and ask her to wire money to a certain account number. Thinking there was something off with the way Vanessa typed her messages, however, her friend decided to call her to confirm if it was indeed her.

As it turns out, someone has been using Vanessa’s Facebook to message people from her friends list, asking all of them to send money to the same unnamed account.

The netizen immediately changed her password, but even though she changed it five times the same person who hacked her account was still capable of using her account.

The pattern of the hacker’s spiel goes as follows: he or she will pretend to be Vanessa and message the latter’s closest friends. Posing as Vanessa, “she” will then say that she is having trouble transferring money to her own account. After that, she will ask that specific friend if she can borrow some money for the day because she has to pay something, saying she will return the amount tomorrow.

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Read some of their conversations below:


Vanessa ended her post with a warning to everyone. She reminded everyone to stay vigilant when it comes to these instances. She warned everyone: if a close friend or family member sends you shady messages asking for money – then it’s best to called them directly on their phones.

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What do you think of this new modus operandi involving hacking people’s Facebook accounts? Have you gotten hacked before? Comment away!

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