Creative Single Mother Transforms Old Shipping Container Into A New Home

It’s amazing what a bit of scrap and a creative mind can achieve together. For this single mother, since house prices are skyrocketing these days, she decided to build her own home using what little resources she had. You wouldn’t believe how she transformed this old shipping container into a cozy little crib!

When most people see a decrepit shipping container, they think of it as trash. However, for single mom Lulu, she envisioned a cozy space from this old thing for her and her kid. Recently, she was able to make this vision into a reality.

Today, Lulu lives in this small space with her adorable daughter. It’s definitely not much, but it’s a cozy and comfortable home for the both of them. It has a small kitchen, a living room, and an entertainment area for her young daughter.

Having no experience in building or construction, Lulu did most of the work herself. She had to gather all the necessary components to transform the shipping container into a house. She made several trips to the junkyard, gathering every useful scrap that she could find useful in her house.

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In an interview with Fair Companies, the single mother revealed that she only spent around $4,000 to transform the shipping container into a habitable place. In the end, she managed to create a comfortable living space not only for her, but for her daughter as well.

Since there isn’t enough space is not enough for a bedroom, Lulu added an extension using a flatbed trailer. This serves as the house’s bedroom. Are you curious to see how she managed to pull this off? Check it out in the video below:

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