Famous Wardrobe Malfunctions of Pinay Celebrities in History

Any celebrity can be a victim of wardrobe malfunction. That’s just the nature of accidents. Unfortunately, though, stars live in the limelight and when it comes to occasions like this, people often tend to make a spectacle out of the pettiest of incidents.

Take a look at some of the Filipina celebrities who experienced wardrobe mishaps.

1. Anne Curtis

As controversial as she can be at times, her wardrobe malfunctions are just as newsworthy. A lot of times, her mishaps involves an accidental peek at her underwear which is usually a bikini. Although, in her early years in showbizness, there is a video of her dancing in “ASAP ” on a beach episode where she was lifted by Sam Milby, exposing one of her breasts to the crowd.

2. Christine Reyes

Just like our first entry, Christine is also a frequent victim. Just last year, although hard to see if it is the real deal, some netizens shared a video of her hanging by a net in a dance number on ASAP where allegedly, the actress’ panties could be seen.

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3. Aubrey Miles and Alice Dixson

The two veteran actresses were at the runway of FHM’s 100 sexiest women when the unthinkable happened. Alice Dixson’s top was falling apart and Aubrey Miles bikini bottom was doing the same. In the video, you could easily see Miles’ bikini flailing in the wind.

4. Pia Wurtzbach

Yes! Even the Miss Universe 2015 herself has had an issue when she received a lot of flak from a picture that was rather revealing.

5. Liza Soberano

In 2015, Liza Soberano had a wardrobe malfunction in the finale of “Your Face Sounds Familiar” but of course, she handled it with grace.

6. Ruffa Mae Quinto

The actress-comedienne turned businesswoman was also quite often the victim of nip-slips before.

7. Marian Rivera

The queen of GMA might be one of the biggest victims. Back in 2015, she was performing a dance number in SOP when her top completely fell off!

What can you say about these wardrobe malfunctions? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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