Real or not: Group Of Women Discovers A Scary Peeping Child In One Of Their Photos

Have you ever had any terrifying experience? Ghosts appearing in your pictures, hearing unidentified noises in your house or simply feeling something eerie. A group of women experienced something like that during a party night with friends.

A group of female friends who are supposed to be having fun were shook after discovering what seems to be a ghost of a child captured in one of their photos. An image of a child can be seen between the legs of the two women.

The creepy ghost encounter was thoroughly examined by Gordon Rutter, a ghost expert and author of the book “Ghosts Caught on Film 3”. He explained that the owner of the house has admitted to seeing a child running back and forth their living room. Rutter also explained the density of the image comparing it to the environment of the photo saying “The image appears to be of a small child grabbing hold of the two sets of legs and peering through them. The face is very clear and does not appear to correspond to the background materials such as the skirting board; nor does it appear to be formed from any parts of the individuals present.”

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Although there are no confirmations whether or not the image is real, we admit that it did give us shivers down to our spine.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you think that the image of the child captured is authentic? If so, don’t forget to drop some comments below and share this story with your family and friends.

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Source: dailystar

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