Watch As This Youtube Vlogger Discovers The Insides Of The World’s Largest Teddy Bear

A Utah vlogger’s video featuring a humongous teddy bear recently made a lot of buzz on the video sharing platform.

With the rise of vlogging today, anyone has the freedom to use Youtube the way they want. Provided, of course, that they adhere to the community guidelines. The video sharing app has thousands of proclaimed vloggers to date, and all kinds too – beauty, lifestyle, food, and travel, just to name a few.

One particular vlogger from Utah, however, decided to divert from the mainstream and do something unorthodox (and kind of weird, if we’re being honest).

Said vlogger has a channel called “What’s Inside?”. Since about 2008, his channel has earned over 5 million subscribers with over 803 million views on record. What he does in his videos are pretty self-explanatory – he will cut literally anything open just to discover what it holds inside.

One of his masterpieces that turned out to be a fan favorite was his experiment with the world’s largest teddy bear. After buying the enormous stuffed toy, he and his son climbed on top of a mountain to find out its contents, as seen on the six-minute video.

They were excited to discover something inside, especially since this bear is huge – about 8-feet in size. However, upon opening the toy, they were greeted with a big bundle of disappointment. So, what was inside? A lot of cotton. Wow. How surprising.

That was sarcasm, by the way.

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However, from this disappointment stemmed a fun idea. When they were putting the cotton back inside the teddy bear, the father and son thought about putting explosives inside as well. Then, they watched it explode atop a mountain.

The interesting experiment has clocked in over 1 million views and a few commenters whose reactions varied.

Read some of their thoughts below.
“omg I laughed so much when he got in the teddie Bear”
“Wtf do you think that’s inside of it?!?”
“It broke my heart when he said he is going to explode it but laughed so hard when it did like if you agree”
“cleaning all that up must have been hell”


What can you say about this interesting experiment by a Youtube vlogger and his son? How about you, did you expect to see something inside the world’s largest teddy bear aside from the bundles of cotton? Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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